Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Finding the right supplement

I’ve been laboring about this post for a while. I had a great volume to say, but since everyone is different my opinion may do more harm than good. There is so much information on the web and not all of it is good. The best advice comes down to three words: research, research, research. When you’re done with that, then it’s time to talk with your doctor.

One thing I won’t do is suggest a supplement. However, after you get an idea for a supplement, go to a trusted source to find out if the claims for that supplement are true or at least plausible. Also consider side effects and conflicts with your current medications.

I have had good luck finding reliable information on the Mayo Clinic drug and supplement website and’s alternative medicine website. Be patient and wade through the entire body of each article. Many supplements are quite powerful and the knowledge you will gain is important.

Take with a grain of salt anything you learn from vendors who want to sell you supplements. I have read inflated, ridiculous and even dangerous claims from websites clamoring for your dollars. When you are ready to buy try eBay. It’s not your typical online buying experience, but I have gotten some pretty good buys lately. No matter where you buy, compare first, as prices vary widely.

P.S.- I don’t sell supplements, on eBay or anywhere else.

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