Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Wheat Berry Breakfast - Saleetah

Whole wheat is an important part of a healthy diet and wheat berries are it’s simplest form. The problem I’ve had lately is finding good recipes for wheat berries. A Google search for wheat berry recipes yields lots of sites, but very little variety. By themselves, wheat berries are nutty and flavorful, have great nutritional stats and can be a stand-in for brown rice. However, they have a uniqueness that should be complemented by their own recipes. I will endeavor to find and invent more but the one unique wheat berry recipe I have found recently is saleetah. It makes a great use of wheat berry’s qualities. A Google search of saleetah gets you thousands of sites with the same exact recipe - a good start in need of a little help. The following recipe works much better. Makes 6- 3/4 cup servings.

1 cup hard wheat berries
3 cups water
1 cinnamon stick
1 tbs. maple syrup
2 tbs. brown sugar
1 cup raisins
½ cup walnuts, pecans or raw almonds
A little ground cinnamon

1- In a covered saucepan, place wheat berries, water and cinnamon stick and bring to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer about 45 minutes or until berries are tender. Discard cinnamon stick and drain.

2. Combine wheat berries and remaining ingredients. Serve warm or cold. About 260 calories, 7 g. fat, 7 g. protein and 6 g. fiber per serving.

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